How often do students meet?

Youth classes (Silver and Gold Programs) are held once a month for one and a half hours.   Dr. David H. Vawter, Assistant Professor of Education at Winthrop University, says that studies show "the adolescent mind is more likely to retain skills which are learned over a longer period of time in a repetitive manner."

What are the class times?

Once registration is complete, class times will be adjusted to accommodate the enrollment and emailed to parents no later than August 30th.  For participants' safety, class times will not be posted on this website. Silver Program students meet first.  When their class ends, the Gold Program events commences.

What do students wear?

Our gatherings are formal events, which require appropriate clothing.  This standard sets the tone so members will be comfortable when attending special events, such as proms, award ceremonies or job interviews later in life.  For classes, ladies wear modest dresses or skirts, white gloves and dress shoes. Gentlemen wear khaki pants, dress shirts, ties, navy or dark blazers and dress shoes.

For the Instructional Ball (Nov) and the Instructional Dinner (Nov), members wear formal attire to celebrate the midpoint of the season.  Ladies wear a holiday dress while gentlemen wear a WHITE dress shirt, coat, khaki pants, tie and dress shoes.

For our Grand Ball (March), ladies wear ALL WHITE dresses and white gloves.  Gentlemen wear black tuxedos.

What is the Weather/Cancellation policy?

Because we contracted with the venues at least 12 months in advance, it is very difficult to reschedule an event in a reasonable time period.  Therefore, we avoid cancellations.  However, should there be an emergency beyond our control, parents will receive a text.  Also, an update will be posted on the "Class News" page of our website at least one hour before the scheduled event.  For a quick link,  CLICK HERE .

What is a "Wait List"?

Throughout the enrollment period, registration waves of students (ladies or gentlemen) will cause our 1:1 ratio to be weighted heavier toward a particular gender.  For this reason, we create a Wait List.  Once the enrollment balances, then 'Wait Listed' students (one at a time) will be notified, shifted into the "Registered" category and assigned to a class.  For example, there may be a Wait List for Silver Program Gentlemen but not one for Gold Program Gentlemen.

How do I know if my child is on the Wait List?

Our Registrar will send you an email and will keep you updated on your child's progress.


Registration for our Fall Program is now open to the public.  Please click here so we can help you find a course that will meet your goals.